Wednesday, November 3, 2010

whole house water filtration systems

How to install a whole house water filtration systems

Clean water is a precious resource. Today we almost have to take at least a part of the responsibility to keep our water clean, especially if our water supply is our own welfare. City and County water filtration can also benefit from additional taste and look better. Installation of whole house water filtration system for water cleaner, better tasting and peace of mind. How to install a whole house filtration system?

Instructions on how to install a set of water filtration systems in the house:

Step 1 - Take a look at the totality of many whole house water filtration system in the market. Deciding on the best one to meet your needs. Analyze the water to see what impurities in the water so you can determine that the system will give maximum benefits.

Step 2 - Pay for your system and take it home. Determine where you want to install it. This has to be near the central water line into the house, so you will need to locate this line.

Step 3 - Installation of all its internal system of water filtration by carefully following the instructions that come with the unit. Each unit will be a little different, but all involve cutting into the main water line entering your home.

Step 4 - Turn off the water at the main exit that comes to your home. Cut into the water line.

Step 5 - Connect the unit by using pipe fittings. Most times it will 1/4-inch of pipe fittings, and usually you can use copper or plastic, but check the specifications for the system you purchased. After connecting fittings, wrap the ends with Teflon tape to prevent leakage. Turn the water back and check for leaks.

Step 6 - Flush the whole house water filtration system completely after install. To do this, go to the nearest faucets and turn on the cold water. Let cold water run until the water runs clear.