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Water Softener Systems

This site compares the different water softener systems available in the market. We provide information, facts, and a "guide" for you to get the most appropriate for your particular needs. We discussed here the advantages and disadvantages of the methods of higher water softener along with the recommendations and where to shop.

Hard water causes

Hard water comes from underground aquifers and other sources that collect the dissolved minerals from rock, especially calcium, magnesium carbonate, and manganese. These minerals give water undesirable characteristics, which together are bent hard. The severity of the hardness is measured by grains (of mineral) per gallon (GPG) or, in some cases, parts per million (PPM). These two measures are related: 17.1 ppm equal 1 GPG.

Technically, any water that contains more than 1 GPG of dissolved hardness minerals is considered hard, but realistically, the water from 0 to 3.5 GPG is relatively soft. In water over 10.5 GPG is very hard. Between those extremes is typical, moderately hard water.

What is a water softener system?

Water softener systems reduce the dissolved calcium, magnesium and manganese in some degree of iron and iron ion concentration in hard water. A common water softener is a sodium carbonate, Na2CO3 formula.

These "hardness ions" cause three major types of undesirable effects. Most visibly, metal ions react with soaps and calcium sensitive detergents, hindering their ability to foam and the formation of a precipitate the familiar bathtub ring. The presence of hardness ions also inhibits the cleaning effect of detergent formulations.

Secondly, calcium carbonate and magnesium tend to precipitate as hard deposits on the surfaces of pipes and heat exchanger surfaces. This is mainly caused by the thermal decomposition of the bi-carbonate ions, but also true to some extent, even in the absence of these ions. The result of scale buildup can restrict water flow in pipes. In boilers, the deposits act as an insulation that impedes the flow of heat in the water, reducing heating efficiency and allow the metal components of the boiler to overheat. In a pressure system, this can lead to failure of the boiler.

Thirdly, the presence of ions in an electrolyte, in this case, hard water, can also lead to galvanic corrosion, in which one metal corrodes preferentially when in contact with another metal, when both are in contact with an electrolyte. However, the sodium (or potassium) ions released during the non-conventional water softening are much more active than electrolysis of calcium or magnesium ions replace galvanic corrosion and is expected to be substantially increased by the softening of water and not decreased. Similarly, if any lead pipes in use, softened water is likely to be substantially more solvent Plumb-hard water.

Water Softener System - How it works?

The treated water passes through a bed of resin. Negatively charged resins absorb and bind metal ions that are positively charged. The resins initially contain univalent hydrogen, sodium ions or potassium, which exchange with divalent calcium and magnesium ions in water. As the water passes through the resin column, the hardness ions replace the hydrogen ions of sodium or potassium that are released into the water. The "harder" the water, the more hydrogen, sodium ions or potassium are released from the resin and water.

Resins are also available to remove the carbonate, bi-carbonate and sulfate ions that are absorbed and hydroxyl ions released from the resin. Both types of resin can be provided in a single water softener.

The benefits of owning a water softener varies depending on the type of water softener systems that you choose. About all the benefits of owning a water softener weighs heavily to the contras. Increased efficiency of appliances, energy saving, fewer aggressive cleaning agents removes tough stains to clean, saving the environment, no water wasted, without maintenance are some of the advantages of having a softener water (benefits may vary depending on the type of water softener that have chosen).

What water softener should I get?

We discussed the pros and cons on the water softener system, its up to you to choose the best and in your budget. In this article, we cover all major brands of water softeners.

Fleck water softeners and GE AUTOTROL have been at the top of the water conditioning in the market for many years. Both manufacturers have demonstrated excellent reliability and with the least number of pieces of meaning fewer repairs.

Another excellent brand is SoftSorb Salt Free Anti-Scale Water Conditioner. SoftSorb systems use proven technology that really works. All water conditioning systems SoftSorb comes with 1 year replacement warranty.

Here are some of the excellent products from Sofsorb water softener:

Softeners Timer: The system timer is older technology that still works today. Basically, the water softener is set to regenerate after a certain number of days, regardless of the amount of water used. This is fine, but you can use the same amount of water each day. Thus, the water softener would regenerate sooner or later, depending on how much water is used resulting in higher costs over time. The demand for water softeners: A vision or a measured system is newer technology that counts each gallon of water used for the system can regenerate only when necessary. If you use the water twice or half the amount of water as usual, the system knows. These systems of water conditioning cost more when you buy, but save on operating costs in the long run.

No salt water conditioners: SoftSorb Salt Free Anti-Scale Air conditioners incorporate SP3 media Filtersorb catalyst to change the calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. The media build SP3 Filtersorb heat-resistant glass of lime water is not removed, but they are isolated, far from the heat of the prevention of tartar. This is a new technology that has been tested and proven over the last 5 years. SoftSorb is a great alternative to salt based water softeners - No electricity, no sewage, no salt is always necessary.

Another major manufacturer and wholesale distributor of reverse osmosis systems, and components for both industrial and commercial applications is Pure Aqua, Inc.
Pure Aqua Products have earned a great reputation in the industry for its high quality and superior performance.

The company located and can be reached by phone or mail at 2230 South Huron Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92704 U.S., Phone: +1-714-432-9996 and Fax: +1-714- 432-9898, e-mail to or visit them on at
They have a wide range of water treatment systems offered by PURE AQUA INC divided by category.

Membrane processes: Products in this category are as follows;

Seawater / Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, two passes reverse osmosis systems, micro filtration
Ion Exchange Systems category is: Co-Current/Counter-Current cation and anion units, Mixed Beds, Dealkalizers, condensate polishing, automatic softeners.

Clarification of the team category: clarifiers, lime softeners

Filtration and pretreatment equipment category: Multi-Media, Activated Carbon, Iron Removal
Horizontal and vertical filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, sterilization and removal of TOC, UV and ozonation, chlorination and disinfection, Lake Water Treatment
Pure water systems for the category are: pharmaceutical systems, semiconductors, boiler feed systems

Water Softeners and Water Softener model systems from Pure Aqua, Inc below.
Industrial / Commercial

Water Softeners

1. SF-100S
Steel Tank - Diaphragm Valves Softeners

2. SF-110F
FRP Tank - Diaphragm Valves Softeners

3. SF-150S
Steel Tank - Top Mounted Valves Softeners

4. SF-200F
Fiberglass Tank - Top Mounted Valves Softeners

5. SF-250A
Fiberglass Tank - Top Mounted Valve Softeners

6. SF-900F

Fiberglass Tank - Twin Softeners Systems

With the experience of Pure Aqua’s softener systems, you will receive cost-effective solution that creates value for you while reducing your costs.

There are many manufacturers and distributors of water softener systems worldwide. Select the best for your needs.