Wednesday, November 3, 2010

whole house water filter system

How to choose a system for whole house water filter

A whole house water filter system is installed on the main line that comes into your home. The sand, silt, iron and other impurities in the water are removed before traveling through the lines to your faucets, toilets, washing machines and other appliances. That way, all the water in your home is filtered. Learn how to choose the right whole house water filter system by following the simple steps below.

Instructions on how to find the best whole house filter system that suits you.

Things You'll Need: water test

Step 1 - Determine what type of impurities - sediments, minerals, and / or chemicals are present in the water in your home. That is, the water contains sand, iron, calcium chloride? Sand in the water will plug the screen of cold water in the washer. Iron telltale signs are orange stains in the bathtub and toilet bowl. Calcium leaves the white hard deposits. The water smells like spoiled eggs often contains hydrogen sulfide.

Step 2 - Determine exactly what is in the water making the test. If you have municipal public water, contact your local water plant for analysis. If you have a private well water, you can have it tested by a laboratory. Contact your local Cooperative Extension Service or the agriculture department at a university to find a water tester.

Alternatively, you can buy a water testing kit at a home store and do it yourself.

Step 3 - Check the main water line enters your house. Watch to see how much space is available for the line. Some filter systems whole house water filter housings that have are quite large in diameter. You may want to measure the space to determine the magnitude of a unit that can accommodate.

Step 4 - Determine how much flow rate the whole house water system filter you choose should have. This rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM), will determine how fast water will flow into your home after having been filtered or treated. The volume required depends on the size of your home. It will also be determined by the flow of water from shower, flush toilets and dishwashing needs.

Step 5 - Visit the plumbing department at your local home improvement store. First, find the set of water filtration systems of the house that remove impurities that are in your water. Then compare the size of the housing and the flow of each unit. Also, check the guarantees of each system, and the price and availability of replacement filters before making your final decision.

Tips & Warnings

The water flow rates from 10 to 40 gallons per minute. The size of the main water line that comes into your home, no matter when choosing a whole house water systems filter. If the diameter is 1 inch, the typical size of the inlet and outlet pipes in filtering systems, can use the adapters to fit pipes.